Our Story

We help women step into their world with spirit and confidence. Fashion is one (important) part of that, but so is empowerment. So we serve up both!

For us at Dana Scott, we want you to see us as your go-to BFF for not only all things style, but inspiration, and that day-to-day charge-up that you need.

Meet The Founder
Dana Scott was founded by Dana Little. Our founder has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that is deeply ingrained in who she is. She is bold and takes risks to achieve her dreams. She is passionate about fashion, but more than that she believes fashion can inspire and uplift. She truly believes that anything is possible if you believe in yourself - which all stems back to confidence and self love. ​With a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Dana realized a brand with her similar values did not exist, so she created it. Dana shares her mission to inspire, not just with clothing but with spirit and kindness - that is where true beauty lies!


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